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Lawyer Websites For Lawyers – Affordable Dependable and Experienced

Welcome To Lawyer Websites & Design

What is the No Risk Lawyer Design Offer?  Excellent question, if we do say so ourselves.  Believe it or not, we will construct and design your attorney website before you sign an agreement and pay.  We want you to be certain that this personalized website is what you want and what you will be completely satisfied with.  We consider it to be our sole duty to ensure that you find the find the correct fit for your specific needs.

No Risk means just that—there is no risk in taking a “test drive” with our exclusive design service!!

Since 2003, the highly experienced design team at Lawyer Websites Design has collaborated with over 3,500 law practices.  With a specialty in producing exceptional attorney websites, we have no doubt that you will feel nothing short of pride in a website that was designed specifically for you.  In determining the design of your particular website, we will construct your exclusive legal website based on the colors, features and design elements that you prefer.  We will also provide assistance and advice in these particular areas should you so desire.  Additionally, in an effort to keep your experience as continuous as possible, we will create an exclusively designed attorney web blog to accompany your website that will match your main website.

All Of The Features You Want In A Custom Lawyer Website Design:

  1. Do-It-Yourself Web Content Control—We utilize the WordPress Backend Content Tool.  This means that you can make any changes quickly and efficiently, should you so wish, to your exclusive website right from your office with your iPad, iPhone, PC or laptop.  Programming experience is not necessary, as we will instruct you on how to edit your exclusive website’s content.
  2. Customized, Exclusive Design—At Lawyer Websites, we pride ourselves on meeting your website needs with our vast experience in website design.  To accomplish this, we take it a step further: we will travel to meet with you and then design your website before you sign an agreement and pay a deposit.
  3. Content Writing Services—Each and every content piece is compiled by licensed attorneys, who work tirelessly to ensure your content is both exclusive and fashioned specifically for various search engines.  Each piece of content also becomes your property.
  4. Top Search Engine Rankings—Search engines, like Google, seem to favor blogs.  This is because blogs in their nature, are susceptible to “spidering,” meaning that blogs allow faster upload times and RSS capabilities as well as commenting allotments and everlasting new content.  All of this means that your exclusive web content will be available to the masses within seconds of typing in a seach.

At Lawyer Websites, our services in attorney web design remains untouched by our competitors in the legal web development industry.  Our pricing varies contingent on features utilized, number of web pages needed and amount of content written.  Typically, we charge $2,500, which includes the cost of web design, blog training and design, hosting, SEO, content writing and email.

We are the best and we will prove it.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss any specific information regarding your exclusive attorney website, please call us for a free consultation at 1 (800) 877-2776.

Lawyer Websites Design
16 Northtown Drive, Suite 206
Jackson, MS  39211

Tel. (800) 877-2776
Fax (662) 510-0159

Lawyer Website For Lawyers
Lawyer Websites
Lawyer Websites For Lawyers
Lawyer Websites
Lawyer Websites is a company that designs custom and affordable websites for lawyers and legal professionals.
Lawyer Websites is a company that design websites for lawyers and legal professionals who want a cheap and affordable custom lawyer website design.