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An Acronym You Need to Know… SEO

Basically, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  You may be wondering what that means.  Generally speaking, it means boosted for internet searches.  So, why would anyone want or need that?  To put it mildly, the world is changing.  The local telephone directory is now obsolete to be replaced with the ever-expanding World Wide Web.  People are growing more and more technologically savvy and looking to the internet for various things like, directions to destinations, reviews of local restaurants and information concerning local attorneys.  The tool that seems to be favored the most is the search engine, e.g. Google, Yahoo or AOL.  This is where optimization comes into play.  The best idea for an attorney who wants to keep up with ever-changing world of technology is to hire an attorney website team.  The highly experienced team at lawyerwebsitesdesign.com understands what your attorney website needs in order to garner the most productivity in this fast-paced, internet-driven world.

We consider Search Engine Optimization to be one of our most important responsibilities to you as our client.  Not only will we be available for you throughout the design process, the following items will also be included in your exclusive attorney website design package:

  • Content Writing Specific to Your Practice – your attorney website SEO will be greatly increased by content that is written with your law practice in mind.  A licensed attorney will compose all of the content within your legal website and ensure that every web posting made on your behalf is optimized for the various search engines within the internet.
  • Personal Content Management – you will be able (without prior training in programming) to edit and update your attorney website content quickly and easily right from your office, should the need arise.  With the utilization of the WordPress Backend Content Management Tool, you will be able to perform content management from virtually anywhere.  We will also be available for any consulting or troubleshooting throughout this process.
  • Leading Internet Rankings for Your Attorney Website – your exclusive legal website will be made with ultimate optimization in mind.  With the utilization of a companion web blog, your exclusive legal website site will experience an increased number of “hits” due to the accompanying blog’s susceptibility to faster upload times and RSS (also known as Really Simple Syndication) capabilities.

We invite you to contact the highly qualified team at lawyerwebsitesdesign.com with any questions you may have regarding the previous report and how it may pertain to your current attorney website or with questions regarding creating a new, exclusive legal website with a RISK FREE TRIAL.

Please contact Lawyer Websites Design toll-free at 1 (800) 877-2776.

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