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Creating Strong Keywords for Your Legal Website

While many times your instinct regarding what your customers need and want will serve you well, however in the area of keywords on your legal website it is likely much better to accept that you may not know what is going on in the minds of your potential clients. You and your peers in the [...]

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On-Page Factors and How They Influence Your Legal Website

One of several on-page factors for your website includes the content of each page. Since content is essentially what makes your website worthy of search results position and is what the user came to your site for, your content is critical. It should be of the highest quality, relevant to the search query and informative. [...]

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Seven Tips for Creating Killer Keywords for Your Legal Website

Once you’ve chosen the domain name(s) for your legal website—using a great deal of thoughtfulness and research, hopefully—you will need to continue expanding your keyword list. You will likely have used one of your top keywords as a part of your domain name, so you probably already have at least a start on the keywords [...]

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The Nuts and Bolts of Attracting More Traffic to Your Website

Your job is far from over simply because your legal website just went live. You must actually have human visitors walking through the virtual door in order to have a successful website and achieve the maximum number of conversions. While there is a wide variety of things you can do to increase traffic to your [...]

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Why Review and Remove are Critical to the Success of Your Content

Review and removal of old or out-of-date content is crucial to the successful management of large websites—and, in fact, all websites. Yet these particular processes tend to be lacking in the majority of organizations. Many people resist regular review of their websites like the plague, preferring to continue to add rather than modify. Many people [...]

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Using Your Words to Attract Visitors

 A large portion of web design concerns the design of words—while new, flashy media may come and to, the basic goal of the website is to provide a platform for engaging readers and potential customers. There’s a lot of media out there to distract us from the words, from videos and photos to Flash and [...]

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Using Social Media Analytics

Most companies have at least dipped their feet into the waters of social media. Some have gone willingly while others needed a good strong push. Social media is a piece of the marketing pie and can also generate some great leads to new clients. The primary reason for implementing social media into your web strategies [...]

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Does Your Legal Website Have a Search-Engine Friendly Design?

Although search engines are incredibly sophisticated—more so than most of us could have ever imagined—and have evolved steadily to keep up with the ever-increasing numbers of users on the web, they still have certain limitations in how they interpret content in order to display results. You should have a goal of creating a legal website [...]

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De-mystifying Website Building

If you are new to web-building and web-design then you may just now be realizing that one of the greatest challenges in working on your new web project is that much of your hard work feels abstract—in other words, the actual building of your site takes place mostly behind the scenes. There are, however a [...]

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Customizing Facebook to Maximize Your Firm’s Business Presence

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform, yet is only the third-most popular among attorneys. In fact, less than thirty percent of legal firms and attorneys use Facebook to increase their online presence. Remember when setting up a Facebook page for your firm to use the “company page” rather than a “profile” [...]

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