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Brand Building Through Web Design

Your brand is a symbol which not only helps you win clients, but also helps you keep them. A symbol typically represents something else, and your brand wraps up experiences and characteristics into one large, rather abstract idea. Your brand further sets expectations, and in general when given uncertain options humans are apt to choose the safer one—in this case in the form of a brand they know and trust. Branding can be an incredibly complex process that ties all forms of media together, including web design. When deciding how to build your brand through your legal website, keep the following factors in mind:

  • All the language chosen on your legal website must effectively reinforce the character of your brand. In other words if your brand happens to be approachable, pleasant and responsive, and your typical client is younger and more likely to be tech-savvy, a more informal tone of voice could work better for your website. On the other hand, since the legal profession is generally a more serious arena if your practice revolves around elder law specifically, then a more formal tone of voice might be a better approach. In short, choose a tone of voice which suits your audience as well as the character of your brand.
  • A wise choice in color palette can be extremely important—color can be responsible for stimulating particular emotions, causing your clients to associate with memories in their own life. It’s a well-documented fact that the color red—while symbolizing passion and energy—can also increase blood pressure and respiration. The color green tends to bring to mind nature, the environment and is usually more calming. Remember that different colors may have different associations between cultures so consider your market.
  • What is the character of your brand—it’s personality if you will? Is it all about professionalism or is there a bit of wiggle room for the more down-to-earth? Imagine your brand as an animal then decide what type of animal it would be. There are very different connotations and mental images which result from a giraffe than from an alligator.  What feelings and emotions do you want your brand to inspire? Your website design should be able to project those feelings accurately.
  • Your brand must be memorable, above all else, and in order to achieve that, you must repeat it over and over. Based on a compilation of all your earlier choices, you will remain consistent with those choices throughout your website, including color palette, visuals and fonts to ensure you maintain a uniform image. Although you can certainly experiment with the positioning of the logo, the most viewed placement is in the upper left area of the page. The logo should also be large enough to be immediately noticeable when a user arrives on your page.
  • Above all else, your brand must be unique—it must immediately be discernible from your competition and be so memorable that your clients will have no trouble differentiating between your firm and any other firm. Unfortunately we tend to see a large number of legal websites which appear much the same from one to another. What this tells a prospective client is there is also little difference in the level of legal representation between your firm and others. You don’t have to go completely crazy in web design to achieve a uniqueness which makes your firm stand out—make this your priority goal and you will see success.

 Build your brand carefully and thoughtfully and you will reap the benefits for a very long time to come.

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