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Creating Strong Keywords for Your Legal Website

While many times your instinct regarding what your customers need and want will serve you well, however in the area of keywords on your legal website it is likely much better to accept that you may not know what is going on in the minds of your potential clients. You and your peers in the legal world may have your very own “language,” which you understand well. Your clients, on the other hand will tend to speak in the legal language of problems. What this means is that your language and your clients’ language may actually be worlds apart.

Do You Speak the Language?

As a practicing attorney you likely will speak to those people who have already found you, understand your particular legal niche and have a need for your services. What about those people who might not be able to find you or may not realize that you offer applicable solutions to their most pressing problems? In other words, you must think beyond your self-selected customer interactions and realize that online search behaviors are in a class all their own. As an example, those who are looking for something very specific will use precise terms when typing into their search engine—much more precise than they might do in a “regular” conversation.

Brainstorm your Keywords—Then Do It Again and Again

While it can be difficult—if not impossible—to identify every single keyword which could possibly be dreamed up by a potential client looking for legal help, your goal is to identify as many as humanly possible. If you are like most of those who engage in all-out keyword research you will probably find yourself surprised at the scores of unanticipated keywords your formal research will turn up. In fact, many of the very most unexpected keywords have the ability to turn into real treasures. If you use one of the top keyword research programs, you will not only get a long list of words and phrases, you will get an accurate picture of traffic allocated to each keyword as well as which words your competition is using.

Narrow Your Focus

Rather than attempting to reach top ranking using the same keyword as thousands of other law firms, you can narrow your focus and your financial resources on those keywords which have a fair amount of traffic and less competition. Often thorough keyword research will also turn up negative keywords that you will definitely want to avoid. Never forget that in order for your overall SEO to work properly, there must be a clear relationship between your keywords and relevant content; should the search engine have trouble tracing your law firm back to the search engine queries typed in by potential clients, the chances your legal website will be found becomes very slim. 

Getting Started and Getting Help

If you are just starting out, make a list of fifty or so keywords you feel are relevant to your website. Then ask friends and family members—who do not work in the legal field—to make their own list. It is likely this first exercise will leave you surprised. Next, do your research; there is nothing which can adequately substitute for comprehensive keyword research using the available programs. Remember that popularity, targeting and relevance are obviously important however these factors must be balanced out with the competitive demand for any given keyword. Our firm has many years’ experience helping legal firms and attorneys create a website which will get the very best results. We provide content for legal websites as well as creating the best legal web designs in the industry. To have your keyword, SEO, design and content questions answered and to receive your free consultation, call (800) 877-2776. 



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