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Customizing Facebook to Maximize Your Firm’s Business Presence

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform, yet is only the third-most popular among attorneys. In fact, less than thirty percent of legal firms and attorneys use Facebook to increase their online presence. Remember when setting up a Facebook page for your firm to use the “company page” rather than a “profile” which is for individuals only. Of course the individual attorneys in your firm can have their own profile which they can then use to “like” the company page. Facebook pages allow you to post status updates about your firm as well as new and interesting legal news stories.

 If your firm has a company blog, you can link the blog to Facebook which allows it to update automatically anytime you add new content to your blog. Adding team photos to your Facebook business pages can allow potential clients to put faces to names and see who they are considering working with. In short, Facebook can show the “friendlier” side of your company while still remaining professional. While your website must meet certain legal standards and must always be professional, you can let your hair down a bit on your Facebook site, letting your clients see the human side of your firm.

 Below are specific ways your firm can use Facebook—particularly the new timeline—to easily increase your firm’s business presence:

  • Timeline allows you to “pin” your latest post to the top of your page for an entire week. Use the most eye-catching graphics you can find, ensure your content is interesting , engaging and high-quality and don’t forget a call to action. To successfully pin a post, hover over it, click on the editing pencil and select “pin post.” Don’t overuse the pin feature or readers will begin to overlook it, so pin with a purpose.
  • Consider using the highlighter function which can re-size your post, making it cover the entire width of the timeline. To use this function, hover over your post and click on the star image, bug as with the “pin” function, use this feature judiciously so you don’t overwhelm your readers. You can highlight an upcoming event which is very significant to your company, or highlight new services. If a visitor makes a comment on your Facebook page which is particularly relevant or interesting, you can use the highlighter function, or you can highlight your firm’s accomplishments or milestones. Remember that you can’t pin and highlight a particular post.
  • The milestones feature can allow your company to post the history of your company which can allow your visitors some important insights into your growth, reliability and trustworthiness. To use this feature simply find the update status icon and the milestone icon will be directly to the right. Click on milestone, enter the relevant details and then click the save button. You might consider adding such milestones as when your firm was formed, any time new attorneys are hired or promoted or past events which are memorable to your business.
  • Use the new profile photo size to your advantage. This extra room allows you to incorporate a call to action to your photo, or a specific message.

 In the end, while there is no hard and fast rule as to whether your firm should have a Facebook page, remember that setting up a page just to have one will not help your business presence. Think of it like starting a conversation with another person, then going completely quiet in the middle. This will neither attract new visitors nor keep your current visitors coming back. If you decide to use Facebook to maximize your firm’s business presence, you will need to keep the pages updated with fresh and original content, and ensure your pages are regularly updated. In order for Facebook to make the most sense for your particular business, try targeting a specific goal which is related to your overall business strategy. Don’t be afraid of Facebook, rather consider it just one more tool in your arsenal for increasing your firm’s client base.



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