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De-mystifying Website Building

If you are new to web-building and web-design then you may just now be realizing that one of the greatest challenges in working on your new web project is that much of your hard work feels abstract—in other words, the actual building of your site takes place mostly behind the scenes. There are, however a few myths that we can debunk right up front which may help you in the overall process.

 Myths of Website Design

You may be under the impression that website design is a very long and incredibly complex process. In truth, if you have a competent website designer who understands your goals and your business, then the process is relatively streamlined. Website design can happen as quickly as a couple of weeks, varying, of course, on the structural complexity and your unique requirements. And while website building is not a cakewalk, neither is it rocket science. While you will likely have some issues to overcome, most often these can be overcome relatively painlessly. You may also have the belief that there is one specific “best” website design.

In fact, every website has its own unique character—you don’t want your legal website to look exactly like every other law firm’s website, rather you want it to stand out and appear fresh and appealing. The market is competitive therefore you must stand out. By the same token your website should ooze a sense of confidence in order to build strong relationships and trust in your visitors. If you have accomplished the task of helping to create an outstanding website, don’t sit back and rest on your laurels. The web changes daily, therefore you must take pains to revamp your website’s look occasionally. Finally, you may be under the impression that having a website created for your firm is simply not in the budget however the cost of designing a professional website had gone down significantly. Even those firms with a modest amount of money to apply toward a website can get great results.

Think of the Development of Your Website Like Building a Home

When you build a home an architect generally helps you decide what type of home you want, how many rooms it will have, what type of windows, doors, floor coverings, etc. In the case of a website, the web designer will help you decide what you want your online real estate to look like and what you want it to accomplish. You as the website owner must pay attention in these fledgling stages to the design process in order to ensure it is going in the direction you envisioned. Website design has become a part of day-to-day life, with people from all walks of life becoming interested in developing a website in order to give their business a boost.

Make Your Primary Goal One of Simplicity

It is easy for beginning website owners to want to place every single bell and whistle available on their new site. They want it to stand out and to be a thing of beauty. The problem with this theory is that your legal website must first and foremost accommodate your users, and what users want is simplicity and easy navigation. Take a look at the Google website. Of course Google is hardly lacking in users, but one of the tenets of its success lies in the simplicity of the web design. If the Google homepage were stuffed to overflowing with unwanted content and visual images, would you still want to use it as your primary search engine? A neatly designed web page with outstanding content is the very best way to pull in visitors who come back time and time again. Although starting your website may seem confusing, get past the myths of website building and enjoy the process. You will see results quicker than you can even imagine once your site is up and running.

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