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Seven Tips for Creating Killer Keywords for Your Legal Website

Once you’ve chosen the domain name(s) for your legal website—using a great deal of thoughtfulness and research, hopefully—you will need to continue expanding your keyword list. You will likely have used one of your top keywords as a part of your domain name, so you probably already have at least a start on the keywords you will need. Of course you could simply take an educated guess regarding the keywords most people will be putting into their search query in an effort to find just what they are looking for however there is a more efficient method. There is currently a plethora of tools out there which can not only cut down on the time you spend choosing keywords, using them can vastly increase your chances of success.

Increase Your Chances of Success

Many websites have not ten, not a hundred, but literally thousands of keywords and such strategy makes sense in that you want to identify every single word people might potentially use to find your law firm and take advantage of your services. Although some of the programs you can choose from in order to identify your best keyword list cost money, others are free. WordTracker is certainly one of the highest rated keyword research programs in the business, and it has both a free version and a yearly subscription price.

Overture is also considered one of the top programs for determining your list of keywords. Some users believe that Google will routinely suggest keywords which would not turn up in either of the other programs, so that route is certainly worth a shot as well. So, how do you dream up killer keywords for your legal website—the ones that will bring you targeted traffic for years and years to come?

  • First you must have a good understanding of the way in which search engines allow keyword usage—i.e., how many times your keywords can be used on each page of your legal website as well as the best distribution tactics.
  • Take a look at your law firm’s website pages one at a time. Pretend you are a visitor and write down a list of words and phrases that you feel would accurately reflect the content of those pages.
  • Once you have a comprehensive list of each website page, plug those words and phrases into one of the programs mentioned above—or another of your choice—and see what the results are.
  • Keep in mind that the search engine algorithms change with such frequency that what works today and is perfectly acceptable may be considered a “black hat” technique tomorrow, so keep up with the changes.
  • Regardless of the search engine’s policies and changes to those policies, keywords must always be relevant and must be clearly associated with the content on each of your pages.
  • Should you choose to engage in redirection techniques, ensure the page which is displayed to your user absolutely contains the appropriate keywords otherwise it is known as “bait and switch” and is not an acceptable practice.
  • Before settling for the legal terms which typically get the most attention, do your best to dig to a whole new level of keywords—the results might just surprise you.

If you are new to the website and keyword “game” you may need professional, experienced assistance. Our knowledgeable lawyer copywriters have the necessary background to ensure your SEO questions are answered completely. Your free consultation is waiting—call (800) 877-2776 today.  

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