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Using Your Words to Attract Visitors

 A large portion of web design concerns the design of words—while new, flashy media may come and to, the basic goal of the website is to provide a platform for engaging readers and potential customers. There’s a lot of media out there to distract us from the words, from videos and photos to Flash and other graphic media. Even in the event that we are properly focusing on the words, it is usually simply an attempt to ensure they are optimized for the best search results. The fact is, how those words are laid out can have a huge influence and can improve—or detract from—the reader’s experience. Though some say print has gone the way of the dinosaur there is much to be learned from print designs. Research abounds on how web reader’s eyes track along a page as well as what fonts and colors give the best results without overwhelming the reader. Below are a few tips which will help the words on your page attract more visitors and keep them once you’ve gotten them to your site.

  • While we’ve been taught to read from left to right, reading on a computer screen is an entirely different matter, and centering the content on the page can make a huge difference to the comfort of the reader. Such a layout allows a cleaner, more organized look. Keep ads or other visual distractions to a bare minimum from your online articles.
  • Never forget that your primary goal is to communicate rather than to decorate. Yes, design elements are crucial, and a bad one can cause your reader to leave before they’ve read a single word, but in the end your readers want to receive the answer to their problems, the relevant information, in the shortest amount of time possible. A flashy design can be incredibly distracting to readers, and just as you want to keep your design simple, so must your words remain concise and clear, never difficult to comprehend.
  • Use white space correctly to positively impact the user experience—leaving enough white space between text and images and through margins makes your content look uncluttered. Make sure you consistently engage in best web writing practices including dazzling headlines and subheads, short sentences and paragraphs and judiciously placed keywords.
  • Use a blog to your site’s advantage—the kind of blog which grabs your reader’s attention because it consistently delivers engaging, valuable and entertaining content and is updated regularly so your readers don’t take their time to find your blog only to realize it has not been updated in weeks.
  • Use social networking sites to increase the circulation of your content, but remember to share more of other people’s content than your own—this not only helps out others but gives you the position of being an authority on your subject.
  • Valuable content is any type of content which helps, teaches or entertains and gives your visitors the information they need when they arrive at your site. Such valuable content makes visitors want to share, bookmark and link to your posts.

 Using your words to attract visitors can ensure your site increases in rankings and causes your readers to come back to your site time and time again. Don’t minimize the importance of your content and make sure it is presented with its best foot forward.

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