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What Do You Mean By “Thereby Proclaiming?”

I am a writer.  I write for a specific audience every time I open the word processor on my laptop.  You, as an experienced attorney, probably feel the same way, whether you are writing for a judge or writing a letter to one of your clients.  Have you ever wondered about the whether the reading level with which you are writing under is applicable to your audience?  When you write to a fellow colleague or to a judge for a motion, you probably flex you legal knowledge muscles and compose a very eloquent work of written art.  How about when you write to your clients?  You may consider that they may not completely understand a letter chock full of various laws, codes and other technical legal frameworks.  Is your website written in the same tone?  If you compose your website much like the way you write a motion for another attorney, you may be cutting yourself short.  Your potential clients may choose to seek help elsewhere, or worse, give up the idea of seeking any kind of legal help.

As we all have heard about reading levels, the opinions of leading literacy experts maintain that written works meant for the general public should be composed at the 9th grade reading level, while health and safety information should be written at the 5th grade reading level.  The highly experienced legal website design team, at lawyerwebsitesdesign.com, has a firm understanding of this requirement and works very hard to ensure that any work meant to be published, will be targeted for that specific audience.  We also understand that you want your clients to be completely informed regarding any legal action that they might be considering.

It goes without saying that we want you to get the most from what you decide to commit to.  That is why we offer a RISK FREE TRIAL, where you will have the opportunity to try out your entire website and companion web blog before you decide to commit to a contract or issue a payment.  Your FREE TRIAL will include many exclusive features, as well both of the following.

  • Expert Content Writing Service – your legal website and companion web blog will be written by licensed attorneys who will compose each piece with your particular law practice in mind.  They will also adhere to the literacy experts’ recommendation of writing for the general public in the tone of the 9th grade reading level.
  • Content Management – you will have the capability to control your website and web blog content right from your nearest computing device, whether it be a laptop, iPhone, iPad or Mac.  With our utilization of the WordPress Backend Content Management Tool, you will be able to easily complete edits and updates to your exclusive website and companion web blog.

The attorney website design team at lawyerwebsitesdesign.com, understands that you want the absolute best for your potential clients, including content written to be understood, not written to be confusing.

If you have any questions about the previous report and how it may pertain to your current attorney website or want to discuss a new attorney website and web blog with our RISK FREE TRIAL offer, please contact us toll free at 1 (800) 877-2776.

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