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Why Review and Remove are Critical to the Success of Your Content

Review and removal of old or out-of-date content is crucial to the successful management of large websites—and, in fact, all websites. Yet these particular processes tend to be lacking in the majority of organizations. Many people resist regular review of their websites like the plague, preferring to continue to add rather than modify. Many people are also just a bit afraid of removing something from a website that, overall, is doing quite well. Too often there is no set “formula” for review and remove, and website owners tend to avoid the process at all cost. Rather than look at it as review and removal, it can be easier to look at it as simplifying—which generally involves taking away.

 We human beings tend to believe that complex structures need bells and whistles and that all additional tweaking will give us the competitive edge we need. Simplification can seem like…well, like going backwards and doing something detrimental to our hard-won web success. This is why large websites tend to get larger and larger, getting more and more complicated, resulting in a very top-heavy website. It’s important that you focus some time and attention on reviewing and removing on a regular basis; think of it as a housekeeping duty—not particularly fun, but necessary all the same. Just as dentists tell their patients: “Ignore your teeth and they’ll go away,” the same is true with your website. If you give it nothing but benign neglect after all the money and time you’ve invested in design, content development and hosting, it will provide little benefit in return.

Why Web Maintenance Makes Sense

If you are adding fresh new content regularly to your website, your users will keep coming back to see what’s new. In addition to creative new content, text, graphics and images can help build your traffic of repeat users. Limiting your site to the same old static or stale presentation will cause your readership to slowly fall away, while spending the time to maintain relevancy and freshness will definitely merit rewards. Further, after your initial launch of your website you will find that it evolves over time in order to meet the requests of users, reflect new technology or adapt to new browser versions or handheld devices.

You may also see more logical ways to organize information or improve user experiences meaning you will need to review and potentially remove other items. You already know that both humans and search engines need to be able to find your website, and directories regularly change the way they rank and display sites. In fact, some search engines will not index a site at all without the proper metal tags, HTML code or well-structured content. These tasks are a part of the regular, ongoing housekeeping tasks which are crucial to your site’s future.

What About the Homepage?

Your homepage is considered the gateway for your website, and people generally tend to link to homepages as well. So does it make sense to remove items from a successful homepage on your website? This could be largely dependent on the type of business a company is engaged in. In the legal business, you are likely not having constantly changing products or placing items on sale, so keeping your homepage static could be the better choice, so long as it appears to be working. A blog can help keep your legal site fresh and new while allowing you to leave your homepage as it is. Try not to neglect your website and it will reward you with lots of visitors and potential new clients.

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